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Community’s under Federal attack

Let’s start with I live in Lewisboro, a community that is about to have 40-50 affordable housing units built. Being able to own a home is great, a nice secure feeling. That being said lets get to the issue at hand.

James Johnson is the monitor assigned by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

James Johnson conceded that the county has met its latest annual benchmarks for developing affordable housing. As of 4/29/2016

So what’s the problem then?

James Johnson believes the U.S. Department of Justice should pursue legal action against the following municipalities

Rye Brook
Pelham Manor
North Castle

He believes that the zoning in these municipalities “could”result in a liability.

Keep in mind that in a September 2015 ruling, the U.S. Court of Appeals said that

“there has been no finding, at any point, that Westchester actually engaged in housing discrimination.”

So again what’s the issue. James Johnson clearly has an axe to grind and Westchester is just his current target.

It appears that he believes that somehow the zoning laws in these municipalities are racist, of course his definition of racism clearly means “White people” vs “Anyone not White”.

These municipalities don’t exclude anyone from buying a home “White” or otherwise. WORK hard, earn the money and buy what and where you want. It is that simple.

Here is what is actually racistunfair and otherwise un-American.

The 2009 settlement between HUD and Westchester government has the following terms

Cost: Spend at least $51.6 million, this is tax dollars, the kind citizens of these municipalities pay.

Quantity: Develop 750 units of affordable housing by the end of 2016

Where: In 31 mostly white communities based on 2000 census data.

Mostly “White” communities, what the hell is that about. These communities didn’t set out to be mostly “White”, people WORK to buy what they want and where they want.

This is typical government overreach as said by many. What’s the solution to avoid contention among the people that pay the government.

The government feels that everyone should be able to afford a home, I agree.

Does that mean that it should be crammed into established communities?

Clearly it’s not a simple solution then, right?
No, there is a very simple solution.

Use the 1,000’s of acres of undeveloped land across New York State as well as other states and develop affordable housing. Create new communities without disrupting the ones that already exist.

If you need funding, take it from where you’ve already demanded it and won in court, the individual counties and municipalities.

Westchester alone has to pay in $51.6 million, pool it with other counties, federal funding and build your affordable housing. This would create shovel ready jobs as well as permanent jobs to support these new communities.

If there is something wrong with that, I’d love to know what it is.

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Microsoft and Google Sue U.S. Government – IGN

Microsoft and Google Sue U.S. Government – IGN.

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Ebates. Shop and get cashback

I’ve been using Ebates for a good amount of time and feel confident recommending to others. Sign up from this link Ebates Signup and start getting money back when you spend, actual money, not some bogus credit.

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The Gift That Keeps On Screwing Us Over

It would be nice if this turned out to be wrong, but lets be realistic, we have to pass it to know what’s in it.

36 Chambers - The Legendary Journeys: Execution to the max!

The “affordable” care act will raise individual market insurance 32%.  Expect premiums to skyrocket even more than they already have, and given the companies which are restructuring work to prevent paying for health benefits (0r simply dropping them altogether), that 32% increase will hit quite a few more people than it might have a few years back.  Ohio’s rates are predicted almost to double.  Good thing Obamacare made this stuff more affordable; otherwise, we’d be in real trouble!

Jay Cost notes that smart Republicans could still have some leverage to remove some of the negative aspects of Obamacare.  Too bad those people probably won’t get much airtime.

Slightly less cynical, Paul Mirengoff wonders if perhaps Obamacare will lead to a change in the way that state governments work with the federal government.  Up until now, Congress and the President have been able to make state governments take certain actions…

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Try EVE Online

Try EVE Online

Try EVE Online with this link for 21 days

Microsoft pushes out critical security updates for Internet Explorer | PCWorld.

Michelle Malkin » White House declines Netanyahu meeting request.

Katonah Resident Develops Modern Music App – Bedford-Katonah, NY Patch.

Jack Freudenheim in concert with Larson Associates developed the John Cage Piano app which enables users to play a “prepared piano.”

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About | NOH8 Campaign

About | NOH8 Campaign.

If you support equality, then you should be supporting this. 

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Obamacare Upheld

Obamacare upheld.

I wonder how much he pays or promises to get these people to support him. These people that don’t actually know what’s in the bill because most of congress didn’t know what was in the bill. We are all screwed to a degree when the government, without due process, passes laws telling us how to spend our hard earned money.

Next @barackobama will be telling people what cars to buy, food to eat, where to live, how high to keep the air conditioners, and dozens of other things that all his supporters said would not happen, that the other side was just being paranoid and racist. I think Barack Obama is a fine man, with great intentions, but that does not mean he is right, doesn’t mean the other side is right either. We elect officials to represent us, we want these people to have a chance to vote and participate appropriately in the government on our behalf, in this case our system has failed, when a president and his supporters have the ability to bypass any kind of votes. It’s crazy to have confirmation that so many things that conservative radio show hosts said is true

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